Christianity will either fade away or be stripped of superstition and distortions


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A. Akgunduz, O. C. Ziylan, A. I. Kuzlu

Rotterdam: IUR Press, 2023,

Page’s: 140 pp.

ISBN: 978-94-91898-31-0

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The reason why mankind was sent to this world is to recognise Allah, the Creator of the universe, with the reason and sense organs given to him and to be grateful for such a beautiful life and opportunity. The aim of all Abrahamic religions is to explain this truth to people and to invite them to Paradise, where Allah promises eternal life and happiness. The shortness of the life on earth and the fact that almost every hundred years all the people in the world leave this world tells us many signs and truths.

The communication between Christianity and Islam started when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was still alive, and in the past 1400 years it has passed through many phases and reached the century in which we live.

The last 200 years have been a period of very different events from the previous 1200 years, especially the rapid development of science and technology. The effects of science and technology on daily life have increased so much that people’s attachment to the life of the world has completely changed with the ambition to make money. The view of religion changed with the developing philosophical thoughts and began to weaken.

These developments spread all over the world. Many facts that we have learnt from the two important sources of Islam, the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Hadiths, give us the opportunity to better understand, interpret and take precautions in this century.

The developments and changes that have taken place in the Christian religion in recent years have both saddened many sincere Christians and led them to find a solution. Some Christian clergymen we have interviewed say that a radical change is necessary within Christianity, otherwise the Christian religion will go bankrupt in the next 5 to 10 years.

Said Nursi, the author of Risale-i Nur, an important exegesis of the Holy Qur’an in this century, gives us very important information while interpreting these hadiths and Qur’anic verses and says that both Christianity and Islam will work together to fight against irreligion and save future generations and humanity from great dangers.

This is actually a reflection of the latest events we have experienced in our environment. Thus, we received more and more signs that the return of Jesus has begun. Thus, we can give the following examples:

1- Bediuzzaman’s book, ‘Messages for the Sick’ consists of handouts on how a believer should deal with trials of illness and what the wisdom is. More and more pastors are now using this to use it during their sermons.

2- They also cover topics such as divine destiny and religion & science based on Islamic sources.

3- In some churches, Surahs of Ali Imran and Maryam are used as translations to provide information about Prophet Isa (Jesus), his mother Maryam (Mary) and her family.

4- Pastors said that the verses of the Qur’an are not only for Muslims, but for all mankind because there are many verses about the history of mankind and what the goals are.

5- Christian youth/students science and religion overlap. They liked this very much.

This work in your hand will explain these verses and hadiths and explain the return of Jesus (a.s) to the earth on the basis of Islam.


Christianity will either fade away or be stripped of superstition and distortions door Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam, Ahmed Akgunduz, Ahmet Ilker Kuzlu, Osman Celil Ziylan – Boeken op Google Play