IUR Press

IUR Press has been founded to publish academic researches as books, journals and bulletins on Islam in contemporary context, with the aim of elaborating ethical and intellectual principles of Islam from authentic Islamic perspectives. IUR Press is a multidisciplinary institution which its staff uses a wide range of skills and knowledge of the economy, politics, history and culture of the Islamic world. The multi-disciplinary perspective of IUR Press emanates from the effective operations and interactions of Islamologues, political economists, political scientists, historians, linguists, and literature specialists – all linked together by their collective focus on the study of Islam and the Muslim world in the widest meaning. IUR Press intends to reach a wide range of specialists in Islam and minorities and researchers shedding light on the existence of minority communities in Europe and the Netherlands in particular. The IUR Press advances moderation and social harmony within the multi-religious environment of Europe, while promoting constructive engagement with other world civilizations..

The Principles

The principles deemed important for the IUR Press are as follows:

·  The Islamic perspective on the facts in a non-Muslim country; land of peace ,

·  the meaning of life in the light of the meanings of the Qur’an as a word of Allah,

·  promote critical and responsible citizenship in non-Muslim countries,

·  serve the community in practical and concrete way, objectivity; independent of States and Schools.

Vision and Mission

. To promote learning from the perspective of the Islamic tradition within a modern society with growing cultural diversity like the Netherlands,

. To distinguish itself with a diverse, socially responsible learning community of high quality scholarship and academic rigor sustained by a faith that brings justice,

. To work for the achievement of harmony, dialogue and balance in life, production and reproduction of knowledge within an Islamic paradigm,

. To act as a leading model of an Islamic and Social Publications based on the principles of the integration of knowledge coupled with a comprehensive excellence for the progress of the Dutch as well as the Muslim communities,

. To embark on a never-quest for the truth: the truth emanates when both conscience and mind are brought together. Religion sciences are the light of the conscience and modern sciences are the light of the mind. Students’ endeavor takes a flight on these two wings: Conscience and mind. In age of the third millennium, the ruling power is the courage of belief, reason and science.


· To publish books  and monologs about Islamic and social fields

· To manage the Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences

· To publish bulletins in different